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Submissions accepted until April 3rd, 2017

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OpenWest Conference Speaker Information

The OpenWest Conference is committed to showcasing the best speakers in the Open Source community in the Mountain West region, as well as bringing some of the best speakers from all around the world to share their knowledge with you here. We provide a travel and accommodation package to all non-local speakers to help make this possible.

About the event

Speakers will be provided with a projector and a screen for their presentation (size depends on the room). Speakers should bring any equipment they need to connect to projectors (VGA and/or HDMI, depending on the room). It is also recommended that you reduce your dependency on the in-house internet connection as much as possible.

When the Call for Papers closes, the organizers will sort through the submissions, making their selections. Speakers will be notified as soon as the selection process has been completed.

This year's package

Our speaker package for this year's event includes:

International speakers are encouraged to submit their ideas, but because of budget restrictions, we can only accept a limited number of speakers from outside the country.

Tips for Submission

We strongly encourage potential speakers to submit more than one submission on more than one topic. The more submissions you contribute, the more options you give us to pick you. Be sure your talk title and abstract define the exact topic you want to talk about and what you hope people will learn from the session. In previous years, some submissions sounded interesting but we just didn't have enough detail for them to make the final cut.

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